Trends in the Aviation Industry and Future Private Jets

Trends in the Aviation Industry and Future Private Jets The aviation industry has always focused on innovation and manufacturers are always looking for the next big thing that will excite airlines and passengers alike. In the last few years, the private aviation sector has made massive improvements on every level, from aircraft technology to passenger […]

The Rise of AI in the Aviation Industry

The Rise Of AI In The Aviation Industry It’s no secret that aviation is rapidly changing. Aircraft are becoming more efficient and environmentally friendly, aviation service providers are offering more innovative services, and the industry is growing at an unprecedented rate. But one of the most dramatic changes in aviation is happening behind the scenes, […]

The Saudi Aviation Strategy 2030

The Saudi Aviation Strategy 2030 As the world begins to move towards the post-pandemic era, economic recovery and resilience will be of prime importance. This is particularly true for the aviation industry, which was heavily affected by the pandemic. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia recognizes this and has developed the Saudi Aviation Strategy as part […]

The Airshow Plan by JetzHub

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